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Membership Info

There is no cost for being a Berks Gaming Club member with access to the online forum.  However there is a cost of admission for open gaming days starting with the November 19th 2010 meeting. (Fees are listed below)  This is considered a “Standard Membership” for club any matters pertaining to club business or sponsored events.  What we do request is that to become a member of Berks Gaming, you simply read and sign off or agree to follow our Code of Conduct.

All fees collected are to help with the costs to maintain a location for club meetings as well as club materials including but not limited to events, terrain, and so forth.  

Members will have the choice to upgrade to an Elite membership at anytime to enjoy the entire benefits awarded to those members as listed below.

Standard Membership

  • Cost: free
  • Cost of Club T-Shirt: $28.00
  • Berks Gaming Club ay event: cost for admission is $2.00 per person at Private locations we rent.  Free at local gaming stores.
  • Any guest brought in with a standard member are granted a discounted rate of $1.00 for entry if new to the club.
  • Standard members are welcome to participate in any club events and open gaming at club meetings.

Elite Membership

  • Cost: Currently $3/month, pro-rated to july for a minimum cost of a 6 month membership, $36 for full year, by July, pro rated cost is $18.00   Cost of Club T-Shirt: $18.00
  • Elite membership card which entitles you to a discount on club merchandise.
  • The ability to nominate/be nominated and vote for club committee members.
  • Free admission to Berks Gaming Club day events and first choice of table selection for the day.
  • Elite members have table/space priority at Club events
  • Free admission to Berks Gaming Club day events for one non-Berks Gaming Club member as a guest. Limited to (4) four visits a year.
  • Eligibility and discounts for club contests during membership.
  • Discounts on club tournament entry costs and outside events as negotiated by the officers.
  • Discounts at various businesses and hobby retailers with Elite membership card as they become available.  Current Sponsors are:  Dark Forge Games, Adventurer's Guild, and The Last Level.

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