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Berks Four Diamonds Winter Blast 2017!

Berks Four Diamonds Winter Blast 2017.

When? January 21, 2017 Doors open 9:00am. First dice by 10:00am

Where? Jonny & Hons Smokehaus, 924 W. Penn Ave, Robesonia PA 19551

What? Team Warhammer 40K Tournament & Fund raiser that supports the fight against Pediatric Cancer.

How much? Cost is $30 a player, $60/team and includes lunch and dinner served buffet style all day long. ALL prizes are raffle prizes awarded throughout the day and all proceeds after expenses benefit the Four Diamonds Fund with Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Penn State Berks (Org #77).

PRE-REGISTER: Contact Michael Biancone in person, on facebook (SteelThunderMike) or you can pay via Pay Pal at: In order for your team to be officially registered, ½ of the team payment must be in. The rest of payment is Due by January 10th. Any teams not fully paid by January 10th may be bumped off for other teams on the waiting list willing to get in. For now, we are opening up to 30 teams. (60 players). We may consider opening more, but space is limited.

This is a Warhammer 40K Team Tournament that benefits the Four Diamonds Fund and the fight against Pediatric Cancer. (details on THON and Natalie and such will be filled in later).

This is our Fifth year running this event!   To date we have raised over $5000 in the past four years for our charity and hope this year to expand that total by a lot more!

Players will each field a 1000 point army list following the standard rules for 7th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Lists may be Battleforged or Unbound. There will be minimal restrictions in place for this event. All current army codex books and published lists in effect up to Date of December 21, 2016. This also includes Imperial Armor, Forge World and Horus Heresy books.

* Players are required to have at least 1 rulebook per team as well as all necessary Codex books and army supplements. These can be photocopies, PDFs, and electronic versions, but must all be accessible for opponents to view.

* GW has released the new FAQ & Erratta as Official. As such, the new rules will be in effect for this event!

* Players need to have dice, templates and 5 copies of their army list. Hard copies needed to hand to your opponents! Army lists MUST be emailed in to the Tournament Organizers by January 15th for review and approval. Email army lists to:

* Each individual army will be limited to a maximum of 3-factions (including allied detachments)

* One Super-heavy Lord of War, Single Gargantuan Creature, or Primarch per 2-player Team.

* One fortification allowed per player. Exception: Fortifications with the “Mighty Bulwark” special rule are limited to 1 per 2-player team.

* If you field a 30K-Horus Heresy era army, your entire 1000 point list must be from that series/format. (No mixing of 30K and 40K in the same list. However a team could consist of one 30K army and one 40K army).

* The 2 player’s armies of a team will count as Allies of Convenience. No sharing of powers/benefits.

* There are no restrictions on what armies may team with another. And yes, you can also team up with an identical Codex if you wish. It is possible to go Ork/Ork in this event.

* During the Psychic Phase, players will roll off 1D6 only for their combined team. Total dice will then be determined by the dice roll and the combined total of all psyker levels from all units from both teammate’s armies.

* All games will be played on a 4’x6’ table.

* Players will play 3 full games of Warhammer 40K by the current 7th edition rules. * GW has released the new FAQ & Erratta as Official. As such, the new rules will be in effect for this event!

* Missions will feature winter style effects and themes. Some missions and rules may be “non-standard” from regular play, and are intended to create a fun and themed format.

* Armies do not have to be fully painted, but models MUST be fully assembled. Incomplete models will not be permitted. Models should also be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). However, we will be understanding if you glued something specific to a vehicle or some large model. But nothing using an Ork as a Terminator, or a plasma pistol as a Lascannon.

* Customized models and armies are encouraged. If you are unsure how a certain model may be perceived or want to use something special for a “counts as” model, just contact us at and we will do our best to get back to you with an answer.

***Detachment options from DEATH FROM THE SKIES will be allowed but we will continue to be using rules for flyers in the standard 40k rulebook, so new special rules such as break turns and air superiority will not be in effect. The flyer combat role rules will only be used to determine special bonuses granted by attack patterns. All flyers will be able to chose to skyfire or fire normally regardless of their combat role. This is done to try to minimize any discrepancies between the two rule sets with each other as not everyone has access to this book yet.

Death From the skies attack patterns, wing leaders, formations and the air superiority detachments will be allowed.

Dog fighting will be allowed only if both teams agree to the dog fight, and if both teams have access to the dogfighting rules. Dog fighting cannot be forced and is being included only to add extra fun to the game if both sides agree

* Players will receive bonus tickets for their raffles for signing up. We will allow you to earn additional tickets during games 1 and 2. After game 2, we will stop ticket sales. Players will get bonus tickets in the beginning as if they had won game 3. We are then going to pull the raffle tickets during Game 3, with the exception of special prizes (most valued $100 or more will be drawn live). This will allow us to cut out a major time snag for us and get the event moving smoother.

* Tickets will be available $1 each, six for $5, 15 for $10, 30 for $20, and 85 tickets for $50. These are strictly optional, no one is required to purchase any additional tickets, but the additional proceeds supports our charity.

The Four Diamonds Fund: is a charity developed in conjunction with Penn State Hershey Medical Center by the Millard family, who lost their son to Cancer 40+ years ago. The Fund has grown and is supported by students at Penn State University, who hold an amazing 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon in February each year, celebrating all of their fund raising efforts for the year, called: THON.

My own daughter, Natalie Biancone, became our benefactor for this foundations support back in 2007 when she was only 16 months old and diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia. Natalie spent 2 ½ years battling her cancer, and with the help of THON, the Four Diamonds Foundation, the medical staff at Hershey Hospital and the caring and support of the students at Penn State Berks Campus, Natalie not only survived, but thrived and kicked cancer’s butt. Natalie is now looking at being 7-years cancer free as of December 19th. She is 10 years old now and in 5th grade, and just recently made Honor Roll at Conrad Weiser Middle School. This is huge for Natalie, because for years she was in IEP’s for extra learning because she missed a big part of her key developmental years (18 months to 3 ½ years old) with her battle with Cancer. Natalie is involved in Cheerleading, Girl Scouts and loves horseback riding.
Now that Natalie is healthy, there are many others who need our help. So in one of our ways to give back to this amazing organization, we pulled our friends together and came up with the idea of the Winter Blast tournament. Your dollars will help with not just Cancer Research, but will directly help families deal with the financial burden that comes with a child fighting cancer. The Four Diamonds Fund helps cover medical expenses, provides direct support to families at the hospital as well as counseling, therapy, and various specialists for both the children patients as well as their families. It truly is an amazing organization, and we proudly volunteer our time speaking on their behalf several times a year.

Berks Four Diamonds Winter Blast is a fun winter-themed event designed to bring together those who enjoy our hobby of Warhammer 40,000 and celebrate our fun in support of an amazing charity that is very near and dear to us. As a tournament Organizer, I, Michael Biancone, strive to work with my partner Darryl Hartman in coming up with ideas and formats that are both challenging yet fun and entertaining for our gaming community as a whole. This hobby has changed so much in the most recent years, and we are trying our best to keep up with those changes, but still try to keep this event as a friendly event. Please keep that in mind when building your army lists, as those lists that may be too competitive could possibly cost you a few points when it comes to overall sportsmanship. This is a charity event. There are no big prizes to win. All the prizes are done by Basket Raffles. You can only win a $5 trophy. It is means that much to you to win that little trophy, than build your big bad army list and go for it.


Players will receive a number of raffle tickets for signing up, as well as the opportunity to purchase more tickets at the event. Players will also have chances to earn more tickets during the first 2 games of the event. In an effort to conserve time, all players will receive bonus tickets instead of earning tickets for game 3. This will allow tournament staff to pull raffle drawings during game 3 while players are finishing up their games, and save us a bunch of time. Only major prizes valued over $100 will be drawn after game 3.

* 1Up collectibles
* The Vault , Kutztown PA
* Owl Central Games
* Kromlech
* KR Multicase
* Cloud City Games

* TerranScapes
* Frontline Gaming
* Scorched Earth Terrain
* Chessex

Please check back frequently for updates.

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