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Summer Camp-aigns!

Summer time is here and we bring in a new edition of Warhammer 40K along with that.    To get thigns started off in our Gaming Club we have decided to launch a new Narrative Campagin with the help of Eric Bates, (Known around our club as "Apothecary"), as well as helping 2 locations launch small escalation leagues to help folks take baby steps into the new rules of 6th edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Of course there are many more activities happening this summer around our club.   Some of our club members have been getting more and more involved in Heavy Gear by Dream Pod 9.   This is a very fun game that to me seems like a nice blend between Warhammerm 40K and Battletech.

There are also more folks in the Berks Club delving into Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and we've had some folks recently log in more games with their fantasy armies.    All in all, it looks to be a very fun summer.

Locally in the Berks area we have been fortunate to pick up 2 more locations to play games publically.    The franchise union with 1-Up Colletibles in West Reading, franchising with Humungo Comics in Pottstown has now created 2 linked store locations both with growing terrain and space to play.    Expect to see some smaller in-house tournaments and special events held at either location.

Currently both locations feature a "Paint Night" on Tuesdays from 5pm-close and Open Gaming pretty much any day of the week.
So, what is happening with the Campaign and Escalation Leagues?    We have links on both our facebook page as well as follow up information on the Northeast Gamers Hub, but we can review it all right now and here.

Berks Warhammer 40K Narrative Campagin:

Cataclysm Prophesy.

This is a Narrative campaign being run for the Berks-PA Gaming Club by Eric Bates.  This is primarily for club members and friend associated with our club who plaly games in Berks county PA.   

This campaign will use actual locations and maps to represent tactical locations with potential game-altering effects.    During this current installation of the campaign, ALL games collected by report will have been considered played for the west reading sector narrative to follow.

To Join the Berks Campaign:
  1. Choose the Army or Force you will represent, by Army Codex.  You may play more than one Army, as some veteran gamers may own more than one army, but 2 is the maximum limit.  (NO MORE THEN 2 ARMIES TO START PLEASE)

  1. Based upon your Codex, you may then select the faction you are affiliated with. 
  • Good Aligned Xenos:  (Tau & Eldar)
  • Evil Aligned Xenos:  (Necron & Dark Eldar)
  • Greenskins  (Orks)
  • Loyal Imperial:  (Imperial Guard, Space Marines, variant Space Marine Codicies).
  • Chaos:   Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Traitor Guard, Renegade Space Marine Factions (variants of other codex books, like Blood Angels, ect)
  • Tyranids  ( and affiliated options such as the Tyranid Cult list)

  1. Find an opponent and choos to play either that Week’s Selected Mission Objective OR choose any standard mission or Battle Missions book scenario.

  1. Record your battle with Apothecary (Eric Bates) on the Berks-PA Gaming Club’s facebook page or via email to Eric.   ( )
How To Record A Battle:
  • Name of the Winning army
  • Player’s Name
  • Force Name, Codex, and Affiliated Faction
  • Number of Points Played
  • Type of  Scenerio
  • Please Post your results to the Berks-PA Gaming Club main facebook page OR email your results directly to Eric Bates at:
Campaign Scoring:
  • A win is worth 2 Campaign Points for every 500 Army Points played  (Kill Team games are wortgh only 1 point)
  • A Loss is worth 1 Campaign Point for every 500 Army Points played.  (Kill Team loss is worth Zero.)
  • Victory Points will be used to sort out tie breakers.    If the game is a draw and within the 10% margin of victory by Victory Points, the army with the Most models that are completely painted wins.  (We want to encourage folks to get their armies built and painted.
  • In the result of a draw where both armies are completely painted Victory Points will cut below the 10% margin of victory to decide a true winner.

This Campaign is all about Bragging Rights for now.    This is the Beginning stage of development.   Some Campaign situations and criteria may change with the advent of 6th editions rules upon us.

Results will be posted on Sunday or Monday night for each week.  

Games for a particular week will run from Friday at 00:00 hours (Midnight) till the following Friday at 23:59

Fog of War:  If your information is not in on Saturday morning by 00:00 (Midnight Friday that week, same thing), than your battle will NOT be counted towards final victory conditions.

ALL Games must be actual games played with actual models.    Not virtual games using any type of internet or computer connection.   (No Vassal Games!).  

Narrative will kick off shortly after players all register.    The first week will start June 22nd, 2012 and will run into August 23rd, with a new mission and special rules coming out each week.  You can play any mission, but the Campaign Specific missions may generate bonus points for the event.

* Mission 1:   Clear the Drop Site
* Mission 2:  Ambush!

For more information on the Escalation Leagues, follow the link to our facebook page here:
* 1-Up Collectibles Warhammer 40K Escalation League in West Reading, PA
* Humungo Comics Warhammer 40K Escalation League in Pottstown, PA

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