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Upcoming events in August


There are lots of activities going on Gaming Wise here in the hot summer. As summer vacation draws to a close and the school year looms before us there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy some local gaming activities.

Locally, Berks Gaming Club members will be frequenting several spots, especially The Last Level , located at 600 West Penn Avenue in WEST READING, PA.

Wednesday nights twice a month some Berks club members will be hosting painting clinics as well as demonstration games and of course, the facility is always open for Open Gaming at any time.

Berks players will also be scheduling games at other locations, be it in our own homes or other public venues, and those times can be found at the Game Set Up area of the Northeast Gamers Hub.


Upcoming events of note for August are:
* August 6th: Berks-PA Gaming Club vs. Brave New Worlds: This is an interclub challenge featuring 3 members from each club in a Warhammer 40K big-battle, 3 players per side, 1500 point armies, on one battlefield for club bragging rights. There will also be a few spaces open for other open games if Berks Players want to come along and challenge players from Brave New Worlds in one-on-one games.

The folks from Turn-8 Podcast will be covering this event and featuring it as their battle report for episode 5.

* August 6th: Lancashire Wargaming club day. Our friends in Lancaster PA host their monthy games day for Open Gaming in Litiz PA.

* August 13th: Warhammer 40K 'ard Boyz tournament. This is a FREE GW-sponsored event and several locations in the area will be hosting preliminary rounds. The top 3 players from each location will advance to compete in the Semi-Finals in September.

* August 20th: Berks Club Day: Saturday Aug 20th the Berks Club will be meeting at 11:00am at The Last Level in West Reading for their monthly club meeting and a day of open gaming. Several games will be avaialble to play, please check our facebook page or the Northeast Gamers Hub for more details. A Warhammer 40K Kill Team mini-tournament will be run that day as a trial run for an event we are sponsoring for The Mechanicon GT in November.

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