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Berks Winter Blast, 2015! on the horizon

This is the Berks-PA Gaming Club's Team Warhammer 40K event that raises money for the Four Diamonds Fund in the support of the fight against Pediatric Cancer.

My own daughter (Natalie Biancone) is a 5-year cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia back in September of 2007 at the age of 15-months old.

Natalie is now a thriving 8 year old girl and we along with many other families benefited from the support of Hershey Medical Center, the Four Diamonds Fund, as well as the efforts of the Students at Penn State Dance Marathon, who raised over $13 million last year for the Four Diamonds Fund.

This event allows us to give back to such a wonderful organization.

This year, the event will be held at Railyard Hobbies in Elverson, PA. 1000 Heritage Drive.

More Details to come, but here are the basics:

This is a team event. Warhammer 40K, battleforged armies. Both players should be using different armies, though you can be from the same Faction.

For example, one player could be playing Codex: Space Marines: White Scars chapter tactics, and another could be playing Salamander Chapter tactics.

Forge world and Imperial armour armies will be permitted, but all armies are limited to the following format for Berks Winter Blast "battleforged". However, Horus Heresy and the 30K legions will NOT be permitted.

* Each unit will have a points cap, this is PER unit. so you could field an HQ choice up to 250 points, AND, an honor guard of up to 250 points, AND a dedicated transport of up to 250 POINTS.

* All other units will be limited to 300 points, and again dedicated transports are considered separate units, but also have the same points cap.

Force Organization chart:
HQ 1-2: Limited to 250 points. NO Lords of War
Troops: 2+ (6 max), 300 point limit per unit
Elite: 0-2 units, 300 points maximum per unit.
Fast Attack: 0-2 units, 300 points maximum per unit.
Heavy Support: 0-2 units, 300 points maximum per unit.

Fortifications: 0-1 per army: 200 points cap limit

Models do NOT have to be painted, but should be WYSIWYG and based on appropriate sized bases. There are bonus points however you can earn.

Lunch will be provided and catered on site. If you have special dietary needs, please contact the Tournament Organizer (Michael Biancone), so we can make arrangements for such.

This is a FUN event and a FUNDRAISER. IF you are of the super-competitive type of player, we suggest that this event may not be for you.

We will feature changes to missions that are not standard with the rules and have winter themed and unexpected twists to the games played.

Cost: $30 per player ($60/team) pre-registered by 01/02/2014. $40 at the door (per player). Maximum number of 30-teams, (60 players)

Pre-Registration can be done online via PayPal to me (Michael Biancone) at: BianconeGlobal@comcast.net or YOU may pay in CASH ONLY at 1-Up collectibles or contact me directly and we can make arrangements to meet.

When registering, please send confirmation email to: michael.biancone@yahoo.com , and follow this up with both players, names, army codexes as well as a club affiliation if you have one, or if not, name of the closest store or area you are from.
This is a tournament that is also a fund raiser. The event last year was very fun and a huge success and after our expenses were paid, we raised over $1500! We hope to beat that number this year.

While there may be some minor prizes available and of course trophies, this event is intended more for fun, and as a fund raiser, will rely more upon donated prize support and divided out in a format that features basket raffles (a.k.a. Chinese auction).

The prize support will be done via Basket Raffles, but is not at all limited to war gaming or Warhammer items. In fact, any earned or purchased raffle tickets will be eligible for various other prizes that we have donated to our event. Both players on each team will earn raffle tickets based upon their performance. Players will earn 25 tickets just for registering for the event. A win will earn each team member 20 more tickets. 10 tickets earned for a draw and 5 tickets earned for each loss. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the Tournament, and will be available at $1 each, 6 tickets for $5, 15 tickets for $10, and 30 tickets for $20, and 85 tickets for $50 donation.

All monies raised from registration fees and raffle ticket sales will help cover the cost of the venue and expenses incurred in running the event. ALL proceeds beyond the expenses will be donated to THON in conjunction with Penn State Berks, organization #77. www.thon.org

Both players on a team MUST use a different Codex book OR a Variant of that Codex. *****Note that this is an updated change...... You MAY use Tau and say, Farsight Tau....they must be completely different. Same thing with Codex: Space Marines, that both armies MUST use different Chapter Tactics. NO ALLIED DETACHENTS are permitted, as your partner IS your ally.

We will play 3 games, with each round being 2 hours and 45 minutes long with scheduled 45 minute breaks. Lunch will be provided with the cost of the event. If you have any dietary needs, please contact the Tournament Organizer (Michael Biancone) so that proper provisions can be made for you.

Models do not have to be painted, but MUST be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). And you should provide 5 copies of your army list. One for the Tournament Organizers, 1 for yourself and 1 for each of your opponents. You may earn 2 additional tournament points and 5 bonus raffle tickets if you email your list in early by January 2, 2015 to: Michael.Biancone@yahoo.com

You should have at least 1 copy of the 7th edition rule book per team, all appropriate codexes, books and dice. PDF's and electronic formats (and copies of such) are permitted, but please have a FULLY charged electronic device with you if this is the case.

Schedule: (subject to change)
* 9:15 am - 10:15 am Player Registration
* 10:30am-1:15 Round 1 games.
* 1:15pm-2:00pm: Break for lunch (45 min)
* 2:00pm-4:45 Round 2 games
* 4:45pm-5:30pm Break for snacks (45 min)
* 5:30pm-8:15pm Round games
* 8:30pm Final Awards & Raffles

Each mission will score up to 25 points maximum per game. We will also feature sportsmanship per game, up to 10 points maximum per game.

Players can also earn bonus points for the following:
Pre-registration by January 2nd, 2015 : 2 points
Display/Carry Board: 2 points
Paint Score:
All models assembled and primed: 1 point
All models painted with at least 2 colors: 2 points
All models painted with at least 3 colors: 3 points

Raffle prizes will be broken down into 2 different allotments. This will keep the action going on all day long. The first batch will be pulled AFTER lunch break, between rounds 2 and 3. The second batch will be pulled during the round 3 games and the final batch of prizes will be drawn at the end of the event, saving our best prizes for last.

Lunch will be provided at this event, and we will have some light snacks and such provided during the break between games 2 and 3.

Some Penn State student may be on hand to assist our staff with running the event as well. For those who do not know the full story, As Tournament Organizer (Michael Biancone), my daughter Natalie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2007 when she was just 15 months old. Thanks to the Four Diamonds Foundation, the specialist and social workers they employ as well as the money raised by the students at Penn State University, my daughter was treated and cured of her cancer. The Four Diamonds Foundation helped cover medical expenses that families insurance does not cover as well as provide many other benefits including specialists, counseling, cancer research as well as support for the families who have to content with such tragedies.

More information on the Four Diamonds Foundation and the Penn State Dance marathon can be found here at : www.thon.org

For information about my daughter Natalie Biancone and her battle and victory against cancer, you are welcome to visit her website and read up on her journal: www.caringbridge.org/visit/natalieb1

We will be adding sponsors to our list, and if you know of anyone or your club would like to sponsor our event with any prizes, please let us know. This is all for a great cause.

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