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Berks Spring Assault Results. Better Late than Never!

Good lord..... computer problems and forgetfulness and delays and procrastination.  

However, the results from Berks Spring Assault 4! are here, available at this link:    BSA4 Results.

We had an incredible event, 74 players, over 20 sponsors, and with staff, guests, spectators, well over 100 people.    As with all Berks Events, Sportsmanship was a key element, and of course energy levels were high as expected.

We finished 4 games of Warhammer 40K at 1000 points with a modified force-organization chart.  Our intent at Tournament Organizers was to provide a controlled environment that would be both friendly to newer players as well as challenging enough to veteran gamers.  

The Berks-PA Gaming Club is also known for our raffle prizes and we had those continue through our event, even giving away 2 variants of Warhound style Titans, (one chaos, and one Imperial).    Our sponsors were amazingly generous and we can't thank them enough.    Lee from 1-Up Collectibles in West Reading was of course our main supporter.    He was also on hand to vend and sell items as was Tony Spino from the Gaming Garage LLC, who runs the Mechanicon Grand Tournament series along with The Warstore.   We had some of our own swag as well as support from Miniature Market who provided every attendee with a pluck-foam tray for miniature storage.    We also had new sponsors this year, like Green Leaf Terrain, who donated an amazing set of war game terrain and also created a set for our club to purchase for use in future events.

We are growing and this is 2 years in a row now that we have had over 100 people attend Berks Spring Assault.   We are looking to grow and expand to a new venue that will allow even more room and space as well as continue to offer us a great atmosphere for us to continue to run our events.    We will also be looking to expand our event to add additional events and possibly partnering up with another organization since we have been having much success with helping charities out with fund raising.    More details on this to come.

For now we would like to again thank everyone who made our event great.   Our top finishers were:

1st Place Overall:  Jonathan Richards (Tyranids), Berks-PA Gaming Club
2nd Place:  Rob Morris (Orks), Lancaster War Gaming
3rd Place:  Matt Cerino (Space Wolves):  Stomping Grounds
4th Place:  Todd Roy (Grey Knights): Lancaster War Gaming

Army Domination Awards:  By representing the Best score by your Codex:
* Blood Angels: Bill Wagner, Turn-8 Podcast
* Chaos Daemons:  Wilson Badillo Jr, Beltway Gamers
* Chaos Space Marines:  Jared Kunz, Lancaster War Gamers
* Dark Angels:  Jarid Neimon, Basement War Gamers
* Dark Eldar:  Kevin McNally, Stomping Grounds
* Eldar: Quin Staley: Secrets of the Black Library
* Grey Knights:  Todd Roy, Lancaster War Gaming
* Imperial Guard:  James McGrath III, Stomping Grounds
* Necrons:  Colin Keilick, P.A.G.E
* Orks:  Rob Morris, Lancaster War Gamers
* Space Marines:  John Sullenberger, Lancaster War Gamers
* Space Wolves:  Matt Cerino, Stomping Grounds
* Tau:  Paul Parke, Berks-PA Gaming Club
* Tyranids:  Jonathan Richards, Berks-PA Gaming Club

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