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Berks Spring Assault II - Prize Winners

Golden Grot Painting Competition:
1st Place: Leslie McCormack of Berks-PA Gaming Club, with her awesome Tyranid Harradin conversion
2nd Place: Andy Miller of Brave New Worlds with his Blood Angels Storm Raven
3rd Place: Eric Bates of Berks-PA Gaming Club with: Blood Angels Storm Raven

Best Overall:
1st Overall: Tony Spino, Gaming Garage, West Chester PA (Eldar...made from Skaven)
2nd Overall: Matt Defranza
3rd Overall: Wilson Badillo Jr, Beltway Gamers, Rockville MD: (Chaos Space Marines)
(4th: honorable mention: Dave Setzman, Brave New Worlds, Willow Grove PA (Tyranids)).

1st Sportsmanship: Gary Klinger, Snake Eyes Gaming, Altoona PA
2nd Sportsman: Tom McCole, Philadelphia Area Gamers, Philadelphia PA
3rd Sportsman: Bill Olstein, Snake Eyes Gaming, Altoona/Pittsburgh PA

1st in Appearance: Frank Osborne, Gaming Garage, West Chester PA (Traitor Imperial Guard)
2nd best appearance: Chris Smoker, Pottsville PA, (Dark Eldar)
3rd best appearance: Josh Toriano, Snake Eyes Gaming, Altoona PA

Best Youngblood overall: 
Alex Fulmer, Lancashire Wargaming, Lancaster-PA

Best Youngblood Sport: 
Wilon Badillo III, Beltway Gamers, Rockville MD ( Imperial Fists)

Player's Choice: Best Army (Theme, composition, appearance):
Wilson Badillo Jr, Chaos Space Marines, Beltway Gamers, Rockville MD

Smoking boots! (Last place): 
Steve Regrut (Battle Sisters/ Whitch hunters), Berks PA Gaming Club, Pottsville PA

Army Domination Awards (by codex):
Black Templars: Isaac Nohr, Lancashire Wargaming, Lancaster PA
Blood Angels: Jon Kissinger, Berks-PA Gaming Club, Reading PA
Chaos Space Marines: Wilson Badillo JR, Beltway Gamers, Rockville MD
Dark Angels: Jon Sullenberger, Lancashire Wargaming, Litiz PA
Dark Eldar: Charlie "Darklance" Emslie, Berks-PA Gaming Club, Boyertown PA
Eldar: Tony Spino, Gaming Garage, West Chester PA
Grey Knights: "Texas Joe" Seaman, Beltway Gamerss, Rockville MD
Imperial Guard: Matt LeBaron,
Orks: Alex Fulmer, Lancashire Wargaming, Lancaster PA
Space Marines: Marc Smith, Beltway Gamers, Rockville MD
Space Wolves: Mike Mirobelli, Snake Eyes Gaming, Altoona PA
Tau Empire: Jerrome Nicolson, Gaming Garage, West Chester PA
Tyranids: "Kungfu Dave" Setzman, Brave New Worlds, Willow Grove PA
Witch Hunters: Mike Keisling, Brave New Worlds, Willow Grove PA

Not Represented:
Chaos Daemons, Necrons, and the last chance to play the old Daemon Hunters codex.

Official Rankings
1Tony Spino126
2Matthew DeFranza125
3Wilson Jr.124
4David Setzmen123
5Josh Tariano122
6Marc Smith119
7Mike Kiesling118
8Matthew LeBaron115
9Bill Olstein113
10Chris Opdyke110
11Erik Lydon104
12Jon Sullenberger104
13Tom McCole103
14Gary Klinger101
15Alex Schleicher98
16Eric Bates98
17Ross Famous98
18Alex Fulmer97
19Andy Miller97
20Ben Leisey96
21Isaac Nohr96
22Joseph Seaman96
23James Nicholson95
24Matt Sweitzer95
25Mark Van Horn94
26Mike Mirobelli94
27Angel Crespo92
28Wilson III92
29Zach Hubbs92
30Frank Osborn90
31Ken DeNisco90
32Lovell Harmon90
33Akil Harmon89
34Colin Gallen89
35Dave Scarlatella89
36Jason Santiago89
37Myke Moll89
38Charlie Emslie88
39Ed Mlynar88
40Nate Snelbaker88
41Chris Smoker87
42Nathan Crouther87
43Rob Morris87
44Jerome Nicholson82
45Edgar Bloom81
46Jon Kissinger79
47Buford Culver76
48Tucker Steinmetz74
49Jason Locke73
50Steve Regrut73

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