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Berks Spring Assault 7 !!!

Well, here we are approaching April 16, 2016 for what will be Berks Spring Assault 7!

With the games and hobbies growing as they are, so too do our events and rules to cover them.   This year we continue with two options for the Warhammer 40,000 players with our 1000 point BSA-Classic format played on 4x4 boards, and our 2500 point BSA-Unleashed for those who want to play with larger toys.

Also this year we have added Star Wars X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games and some of our club members will also be hosting an Infinity campaign as well.      So read up and check out the rules for the game you want to play.      Lunch is included in price of admission and of course we feature many raffle prizes so that everyone has a chance to go home with something nice.

Berks Spring Assault 7!
Date: April 16, 2016
Location: 1238 County Welfare Road, Suite 110
Berks County Ag Center, Leesport, PA 19533-9709 (Large tan colored structure in rear)
Time: Doors open to the public at 9:00 a.m. Events will start at 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Here we go! The Berks-PA Gaming Club presents to you our 7th time of running Berks Spring Assault! As our gaming community grows, so too do our event. This year we have been working hard to give our fellow gamers a great experience for a large one-day event by giving our guest three different options to enjoy themselves this year!

Like all of our major events, BSA7 will offer a variety of raffle prizes available in addition to the main prizes associated with each event. These are simply additional awards so that even the newest gamer, with the worst record still has a chance to leave with something nice. Also, this event will be catered and lunch will be provided in with the cost of your ticket. So if you have any dietary concerns, please notify the Tournament Organizers so that we can accommodate you as needed.


* BSA-Classic: 1000 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament with a very restricted format. This year we are going with a Highlander format, where you may only have one of any particular unit. There will be Gift Certificate prizes for the top finishers, just has we have done in the past for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Best Sportsman, as well as chances to earn additional raffle tickets.

* BSA-Unleashed: a 2500 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament with a much more open format. Lords of War will be permitted and this event will feature both battle forged and unbound armies. This will be 3-rounds of large scale battles. Warhammer 40K, 7th edition with no restrictions. Lords of War, Allied detachments, formations, Imperial Armor/Forge World, and Horus Heresy (30K) all permitted. Store Gift Certificate awards for the top finishers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd place as well as Best Sportsman as well as chances to earn additional raffle tickets.

* Berks Spring Assault/X-wing: Yes, we are featuring a Star Wars X-wing tournament using Fantasy Flight’s X-wing Game. Prizes for this event will be provided by 1-Up Collectibles and Fantasy Flight Games. This will be a 100 point event, with more details to come.

* Berks-PA Gaming Club basket raffles: to keep in the fun and good spirit of our events, we feature a number of raffle prizes for our guests. Players will be given tickets for registering, and can purchase additional tickets at the venue to win more prizes. Some games may also feature “bonus achievements” for players to earn additional tickets each round.

* INFINITY: CAMPAIGN GAMES & DEMONSTRATIONS: Scott Yanos will be hosting some games of Infinity and also remain on hand for demonstrations as well for any interested parties. Cost for Infinity campaign is $20

* BSA-Classic 1000 point Warhammer 40K Highlander event: $40 Pre-registration ($50 at the door)

* BSA-Unleashed 2500 Warhammer 40K: $40 Pre-registration ($50 at the door)

* X-wing event: $20 Pre-registration. ($30 at the door)

* Infinity Campaign Games: $20 Pre-registration ($30 at the door)


* Please note that in order to qualify as pre-registered for the discounted price, both your payment must be in full, AND your army list MUST be submitted by the deadline. If you do not submit your army list in time for the Tournament Organizers to review it, you will pay full price at the door. Army lists need to be filled out on the Berks Detachment sheet and emailed in to Tournament Organizers.

Army lists should be submitted to the following email by April 11th, 2016 to:


Warhammer 40K Detachment Sheet

Please only 1 detatchment per sheet, if using multiple detatchments you will need to submit all of them together at the same time

This pdf is able to be filled via computer or smartphone (make sure to have the latest version of your reader!) or can be neatly handwritten.

* Tee Shirts:
Tee-shirts will be available for pre-order as well. You may order a T-shirt with your registration, and we will need your size. We may have some extras on hand at the time of the event, but we cannot guarantee that. It is best to order one ahead of time to ensure we have your size. Our color this year is Purple (in accordance with the 7th company Space Marines armor trim and our 7th year running this event). T-shirts are $10 each, unless you need 2XL or bigger, than they are $13 each.

---The deadline for T-shirt orders will be March 28th, 2016.

***All money for pre-registration should be done via Paypal to:

You may also pay in cash if you see Michael Biancone or Darryl Hartman Jr in person, or at 1-Up Collectibles, (CASH Only!). Keep posted to Berks pages to see where we may be out in public.

You will also find the links on our club blog site:

1000 BSA Classic Format:

Highlander format: Only 1 of each codex entry may be taken when building an army. You will engage in 4 games of Warhammer 40K, with a 2-hour time limit per game. You are required to have 6 copies of your army list. One for you, one for judges, and one to hand out to each of your 4 opponents. Players are expected to have rule books, codex, dice, tape measure and templates needed to play, as well as models. Models do NOT have to be painted, but must be fully constructed and need to be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). You have a space marine with a missle launcher? Good use one, do not substitute an ork with a rocket for it.

MANDITORY! Highlander Detachment using the Berks 40k detachment sheet (other formats and programs are fine for reference but this is the only format acceptable for list submission)

Army Construction: 1 faction only. All units have a 250 point maximum cap. Note that dedicated transports count as separate units from the unit they belong to. You are only permitted to use up to 1 Forge World/Imperial Armor model or unit. No Horus Heresy rules allowed.

No duplicate units permitted. Highlander means “There can only be one”. That means dedicated transports, troops, and such, you are only permitted ONE of each unit type. Squadrons may fit as many vehicles as they can into the 250 point cap, but you only get 1 squadron.

0-1 HQ
1+ troops. (0+ troops for Inquisition and Harlequin armies)
0-3 Elite
0-3 Fast Attack
0-3 Heavy Support
0-1 Fortification

• 0-1 Forge World models: These would count towards your normal unit allotment. You are permitted only 1 unit from Forge World/Imperial Armor books.

• Demonic Summoning must also follow this format: of only 1 of each unit and no summoned unit may be worth more than 250 points. (if you have 1 on the board you cannot summon another and must summon something different)

• Invisibility (Telepathy psychic discipline): Works as following: Opposing models are considered to be BS:1 and WS:1 when targeting units shielded by Invisibility. They can be targeted by blast templates.

• There will be NO forced crashing of flying units. If a flyer is unable to move a full 18” due to something like a stunned effect (Velocity Locked) result, and that movement would put them over another unit or into impassable terrain, the flyer will simply be moved the minimal distance required to position the model appropriately.

* ASTRA MILITARUM & Miltarum Tempestus: An Infantry Platoon taken as a troop choice would have to stay to the bare minimum of units: i.e: Infantry Command, 2 squads of guardsmen (no more), and you could still take a heavy weapons team and one special weapons team.

****For armies with very few selections, such as Militarum Tempestus, you must fill ALL other available slots. Once you have done that, then, can you duplicate a troop unit, and only troops units can be duplicated once all elite, fast and heavy support options are filled. A good example of this is Militarum Tempestus, who only have a Lord commissar or command squad as HQ choice, Taurox Prime as dedicated transport (can only take 1), Valkarie as fast attack, and Tempest Scions as the only troop choice. So after all of those slots are taken, a second Scion and third Scion squad may be taken to fill up the 1000 points.

**Void Shield Generator: Creates a 12" bubble. ONLY models within the 12 inches get the protection. Models not inside the 12" Void Shield Zone are NOT protected.

20 Possible Battle Points per round, 4 rounds
10 possible Sportsmanship per round, Player Judged, 4 rounds
3 Possible Favorite Player points, Player Judged
12 Possible Painting points, Staff Judged
5 Possible Composition/Fluff points. Staff Judged. ----give us a write up, a story or a paragraph explaining your army, their background, and make it entertaining!

140 Total Possible Points for the event

2500 BSA Unleashed

2500 point limit using the Berks 40k detachment sheet (other formats and programs are fine for reference but this is the only format acceptable for list submission). You will play in 3-games of Warhammer 40K, with a 3-hour time limit per game.

Battle forged and Unbound Legal. Bring it all. Warhammer 40K, formations, Stronghold assault, Forge World, Imperial Armour, Horus Heresy, its all legal in this format. Models do not need to be painted, but do need to be fully constructed and also should be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). And please do not bring paper or cardboard constructed models. They won’t be permitted. If you are unsure of a model, please submit a photo to for us to review.

All Games Workshop and Forge World Publications are Legal including Horus Heresy but please have a physical copy of any rules you need with you! (Copies, print outs and PDF scans are fine). If using electronic devices, please make sure that they are fully charged.

30 Possible Battle Points per round, 4 rounds
10 possible Sportsmanship per round, Player Judged, 4 rounds
3 Possible Favorite Player points, Player Judged
153 total Possible Points for the event

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Berks is offering our first Star Wars X-wing tournament here at Berks Spring Assault. This event will follow the latest rules by Fantasy Flight Games and their latest Errata and FAQ’s.

Players will build a 100 points force based upon one of three factions: Imperial, Rebel Alliance, or Scum & Villainy. All standard rules for FFG games will be in effect. Please check out their tournament pages on their website for details. Game play will be at least 4 games of X-wing played at 75 minute turns.

Players should have 5 copies of their roster. Players should also have attack and defense dice, movement templates, shooting template, full damage deck, and all necessary models and templates and bases for their ships.

Tournament will be Swiss parings as in accordance with the main FFG rules for X-wing. Scoring will be by the FFG rules packet. 5 points for a win, 3 points for modified win, 1 point for draw, and 0 points for a loss. Margin of victory will play part as tie breaker. We will also feature a best sportsman award for the most favorite player.

Prizes will be from both Fantasy Flight Games and 1-Up Collectibles.

More Details to come.


Once again we present the Golden Grot painting competition. Every year we like players to feature their hard work at model building and painting. We ask that players only submit models that they themselves have actually painted, and not something that they purchased or hired someone to paint for them.

We have 3 categories for artists to compete in. We ask that they set their models up in a display area for everyone to view. We have a panel of judges on our staff who have been selected to do the voting. Top winners will earn a special prize to be determined. We also ask that players who have won in the past, submit new entries and not something they entered last year.

The categories are: Individual models. Squad/vehicle/large creature/squadron. And the last category is Large Model/Super heavy models/dioramas

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