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Berks Spring Assault 6! April 18th, 2015

Berks Spring Assault 6!    April 18th, 2015

We wrap up a successful Berks Winter Blast team tournament and make way for our next main event.   We at the Berks-PA Gaming Club want to thank all of our friends and supporters and sponsors for helping us raise nearly another $1500 to donate to the Four Diamonds Fund for the fight against Pediatric Cancer.
Now we roll into Spring and our Club's main event:  Berks Spring Assault!    Our 6th year holding this event, we will once again feature 2 tournaments at the same time.   
When?:   April 18th, 2015
Where?:  Railyard Hobbies, 1000 Heritage Drive, Elverson PA (Morgantown),   Just off the PA Turnpike
Cost:  $45  at the door.   (pre-registration for $10 discount by April 6th)
At the heart of the event is our BSA-Classic 1000 point event.   This is a Warhammer 40K tournament geared more for the casual gamer.    Newer players and veterans alike will appreciate the limited format that tones down game play, refraining from more of the stronger, heavier units.   It is also an excellent format for someone testing out a new army collection they are putting together.
A limited force organization chart as well as point caps on unit values keep armies smaller and more like an elite strike force.    Missions are tweaked with our own club flavor that permits fun and can challenge one to think slightly differently than the regular book missions.  
The BSA-Classic 1000 event will feature 4 games with 1 hour and 45 minutes to play each game.
In addition to the 1000 point classic event, we are also hosting our 2500 points BSA-Unleashed event, that opens things up to the full range of 7th edition Warhammer 40K.    The only real restriction here is that armies must be "Battleforged", but other than that, all Warhammer 40,000 rules are permitted, including Forge World, Imperial Armour, Stronghold Assault, as well as Horus Heresy books and Legion rules.    No points restrictions, other than 2500 points for your army.   Players will have 3 hours to play each game.
Both events are the same cost and that includes a catered lunch buffet that will include cold cuts, baked chicken and a fantastic vegetable lasagna.       Cookies and snacks provided by Jebbie Cakes will also be featured.
Like most of our club run events, this event is tied to a charity.    This year we are sponsoring the Muscular Distrophy Association.    Some of our players, including our club Vice President battle with Muscular Distrophy, and it is their honor that we are dedication half of our proceeds to the MDA.
Official Rules can be found here:    BSA 6 Tournament Packet

***Both Events will feature prizes for the top 3 finishers as well as Best Sportsman and Best in Appearance for each event. Cost will be the same for either event, more details will be coming shortly.
Armies do NOT need to be painted, but we do have a small painting score for our event.

Lunch will be catered and is included in the price of your admission. If you have special dietary needs, please inform the Tournament Organizers (Michael Biancone & Darryl Hartman Jr), so we can make proper arrangements for you if needed.

***Only the most current Codex for each army will be used. Rule books must be out 30-days prior to the event, so NO books released after March 18th, 2015 will be permitted for this event. Additionally, Imperial Armour lists and expansion codex books will be permitted. You are allowed copies, electronic versions and such. If you are only using a unit or two from Forge World, you only need to have a copy of the rules for those models. (Codex Harlequins did not release in time for this event)

* Players will be expected to have a copy of the rulebook (or electronic version of it), their army codex, dice & templates, as well as 6 hard copies of their army lists to hand out to the Tournament Organizers and each of their opponents. (Don't forget to have one for yourself!)

* BSA Classic Restrictions: We will be using our OWN Berks-Standard Force Organization Chart. No formations will be permitted. This is to keep the event casual and friendly. If you want to use the specialized stuff, please consider playing in the BSA-Unleashed event.
We will be using the most recent rules (7th edition) of Warhammer 40,000 as well as all most recent and up-to-date Errattas, FAQ's and updates from GW and Forge World.
This is the Berks Spring Assault Combined Arms Detatchmment. No other formations are permitted, and if a codex doesn't fit this criteria, such as Halequins and Inquisition, than they are not permitted in this format. Each army gets 1 CAD, No Allies. Single Codex. Units from Forge World are permitted so long as their description reads on that page that the unit in question may be taken in that army codex. For example, in Imperial Armour Volume I, second edition, a Tauros squadron may be taken as a Fast Attack Choice in an Astra Militarum army. You are permitted to use forge world units and army lists, but still must adhere to the CAD listed below. Vanguard Seige Army lists will NOT be permitted in the Classic Event.

HQ: 1-2: 250 point limit. This point restriction also holds for any other units that count as HQ selections, such as an honor guard or similar units. (Does not include cost of dedicated transports)
Troops: 2-6  (300 Point limit per unit, does not include dedicated transports)
Elite: 0-2     (300 Point limit per unit, does not include dedicated transports)
Fast Attack: 0-2     (300 Point limit per unit, does not include dedicated transports)
Heavy Support: 0-2    (300 Point limit per unit, does not include dedicated transports)
Fortifications: 0-1: 150 points maximum.
(Lords of War are NOT Permitted, and by points cap, neither are Imperial Knights in the Classic event). 
* USE of this Battleforged Combined Arms Detachment grants the following benefits: - Warlords may reroll warlord traits. Troops have "objective secured", and only other units with "Objective Secured" may contest an objective from a unit with this ability.

***Skyshield Landing Pads: count as an armor 14, medium building, with 4 Hull Points *****

**BSA UNLEASHED: 2500 points, multiple CAD's, Imperial Armor and Forge World lists and units permitted. Horus Heresy units also permitted.

This is going to be a total Wide-Open and Unleashed event. 7th edition as it is meant to be played. Battleforged armies only. Forge World, Horus Heresy, Legions, bring it all! Other than 2500 points, there really are no restrictions.

The only thing that needs addressing is the skyshield landing pad, which will count as follows: ***Skyshield Landing Pads: count as an armor 14, medium building, with 4 Hull Points *****


9:00am door open, Registration
10:00am-11:45am Game 1
11:45am - 12:15 noon: Break
12:15 noon- 2:00pm: Game 2
2:00pm -3:00pm: Lunch Break & Armies on Parade
3:00pm-4:45pm Game 3
4:45pm -5:15 pm Break
5:15pm-7:00pm Game 4
7:00pm Final Raffle prizes and Awards

BSA-Unleashed 2500:

9:00am Doors open
10:00 am - 12:30pm. Game 1
12:30pm- 1:30pm Lunch Break/Armies on Parade
1:30pm-4:00pm Game 2
4:00pm - 4:30pm Break
4:30pm-7:00pm Game 3
7:00pm Final Break, Raffles, and Awards
GOLDEN GROT PAINTING COMPETITION: We will again feature our Golden Grot competition that will permit players to submit one model for each category. This is a separate, side event, and these models should NOT be used in the tournament and will need to be on display for the course of the day. This is a bonus FREE activity we provide at BSA.

Categories for the Golden Grot are:
* Independent Character (up to 60mm bases)
* Squad, unit or squadron: 3-5 models minimum
* Vehicle or Large Creature (models larger than 60mm base)
* Da Big Stuff: Super heavy models, Terrain, buildings, structures and dioramas.

BSA-6 Sponsors:
* 1-Up collectibles
* Railyard Hobbies
* Kromlech
* Tilted Kilt, King of Prussia
* Cosplayer sponsor for charity raffle, (No appearance at this time)  : Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Cosplay/Glamour Model, Designer)  
* Stalker Sportfishing Charters
* Apocalypticon

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