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Berks PA Gaming Club First Meeting

Well, we had the first official meeting of the Berks PA Gaming Club!

What does this mean? It means that we are officially a Club. An actual, organized gaming club. With our rapid growth over the past 12-18 months, growth from Networking with other gaming clubs, and additional expansion into hosting events, we have come to a postion that we needed to formally organize our Gaming Community.

So, as more details will be forthcoming, know that we are officially the Berks-PA Gaming Club! We will have monthly gatherings at a location, which currently is the Muhlenberg Recreation center on River Rd. And a schedule of upcoming dates will be posted.

Our next scheduled event will be Friday November 19th from 5:30pm-10:30pm. With booking the facility on such short notice, times and dates are a little challenging right now until January. So we will take what we can get.

This does not mean that we cease gaming at our homes, game stores or any where else, it just gives us a place all to our own once a month for all memebers to show up and hang out.

We will have more opportunies to host other events at Club Days. This could be open gaming, scheduled games, like say an Apocolypse event, demo games (I ran a blood bowl demo), or even just coming in and painting and building models. I would love to see a small painting clinic going on at our club events.

So, as it was, we had around a dozen folks give/take show up. There were 3 folks I never met face to face before (Tim, Scott, Pat), and glad to see them show up. I know that the timing wasn't very good for everyone, but now we met and we can move forward with better planning for our club.

Details on the actual formal organization of the club will be posted by the appropriate folks. I just wanted to share the excitement of what has happened.

I ran a Blood Bowl demo and pitted Angel Crespo (orcs) against his brother Edgar (humans), and they ended up playing a full 8-turn half of a game of Blood Bowl. It was crazy and fun, but I think they will both agree it was more tactically challenging than they thought. It was very much a thinking game like chess, but with the cheese and fun of Warhammer and lots of silliness thrown in.

Opening kick off had orc fans throw a rock and killed a human lineman. So the Humans were playing a man down with only 10 player left against 11 orcs. As the orc blockers showed their dominace, they started to move the ball downfield. Thanks to some desperate plays by the humans (and bad dice by the orcs), the ball was knocked loose a few times and eventually a human catcher (WR) picked up the ball. He managed to cut around the defense and streak down the sideline. Orcs chased in desperate pursuit and almost had their clutches on him, but the nimble and agile catcher managed to escape at the end of the half, as time expired in the last turn, scoring a touchdown for the Humans. It was very crazy and fun.

So, what else happened? Folks can tell you, but we hung out, had fun and food, and I saw Cypher and Starvos run two rookies through a 40K demo game, and I saw Boss Capn' General Sir and his friend line up orks to take on Berek and his 13th company of Space Wolves in a large 40K fight.

It was a good time had by all and we look forward to more events down the road!

Schedule is coming!

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