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Berks Spring Assault 5!

We are Moving the location of this event to Railyard Hobbies, 1000 Heritage Drive, Elverson PA.  , 19520. (610) 286-6875 

We are hosting 2 tournaments this year at Berks Spring Assault 5! 2014.   

This is just an overview, as the official rules packets will be posted soon.   Please Read over ALL of the rules and understand that there are 2 separate tournaments.

First is the one we all love, BERKS SPRING ASSAULT - CLASSIC. The 4-game, 1000-point Warhammer 40,000 tournament with a modified rules for Forge Organization Chart. These games feature close in fighting on 4' x 4' tables in 1 hour and 45-minute rounds. The rules for this will be addressed in just a minute. This will permit all GW Codex books except the Imperial Knights. Imperial Armour and Horus Hersey lists are NOT permitted.

However, for the first time, we will be expanding to run a second tournament simultaneously in conjunction with the Classic. We give you you: BERKS SPRING ASSAULT - UNLEASHED! This will be a 3-game, 2500 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament played on a 4' x 8' table. These games will be 2 1/2 hours long and will permit Expanded rules such as Escalation, Stronghold Assault and more. Details on this will be forthcoming. Have at it! This is the Berks new version of "Hard Boyz" event. Enjoy it!

Cost for either event will be $45 Pre-Registered by June 7th. After the deadline, payment will be $55 and also at the door. Doors will open by 8:30am and we hope to have first dice and kick off both events at 10:00am. As with most Berks Gaming Club events, we will feature a variety of raffle prizes and players will be able to win and purchase additional raffle tickets. We will also feature separate prizes in the form of gift certificates to our sponsors for the top 3 winners and best sportsman in each event.

Berks Spring Assault-Classic 1000-point tournament is limited to 50 players
Berks Spring Assault-Unleashed 2500 is limited to 30 players.

You may pre-register via Pay Pal at my email (Michael Biancone), at You may also do so in person at Berks Club events and in store, but those transactions are CASH ONLY. Do NOT make and credit card transactions at the store for pre-registration (or you will have to pay additional fees).

We pride ourselves on keeping our events fun and mostly drama-free. So choose the style of event you want to play in: Light, Fun and Hobby-based, or Big-Bad and Battle ridden. We want to cater to our fan base's styles of play. Sportsmanship above all else is paramount at Berks events. Please keep that in mind. We will not tolerate bad attitudes at our events, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Models for both events do NOT need to be painted, but we do have a painting score that does factor into your final score. Models DO need to be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), and proxying will not be permitted. Models also do not need to be GW models, but should be a good and close representation of what they are supposed to be. If you are unsure, please contact the Tournament Organizers with your questions. Total scoring will be explained more in our rules packet, but will include Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Painting score, and players choice (bonus sportsmanship).

With your entry fee you will receive some swag from our sponsors and also will have lunch catered on site. We like to keep our players fed and entertained and it helps keep things moving on schedule.

Preregistration closes June 7th, 2014.   Playkers should also submit their army lists by that date either in person at a Berks club event or via email to: OR   

Berks Spring Assault-Classic (1000) schedule: MUST have 6 Printed copies of army list!

8:30am-9:30am: Registration and table assignments
10:00am-11:45am Game 1
11:45am-12:15 noon: Break
12:15 noon - 2:00pm Game 2
2:00pm-3:00pm: Lunch
3:00pm-4:45pm Game 3
4:45-5:15pm Break
5:15pm-7:00pm Game 4
7:15pm: Raffles & Awards

BSA Unleashed (2500) schedule: MUST have 5 Printed Copies of Army List!
10:00am-12:30pm Game 1
12:30pm-1:30pm lunch
1:30-4:00pm Game 2
4:00pm-4:30pm Break
4:30-7:00pm Game 3
7:15pm: Raffles & Awards

***Players are expected to have rule books, codexes, dice, templates and all other support materials and rules for the armies they are playing. In addition you will need several printed copies of your army list to hand to your opponents.


Berks Spring Assault Classic (1000 points): (Limited to 50 players)

  • All armies limited to 1-Flyer or Flying Monsterous Creature of ANY type.
  • You may use 1 unit from Imperial Armor/Forge World, and must have printed copies of those rules with your army lists to hand to your opponents. (NO Horus Hersey book units)
  • NO dog fighting rules from Death from the skies, but the actual flyer units may be used.
  • No Super heavy Vehicles, No D-weapons, or anything that uses Apocalyptic templates. (Astra Militarum Deathstrike missle launcher is NOT permitted).
  • You may NOT have duplicates of any type of Monsterous Creature, save those that can be taken in a unit or squadron (example: Carnifexes), with restrictions listed below.
  • You are only permitted ONE vehicle or vehicle squadron that contains vehicles whose total armor value (front + side + rear) total over 36 points. (i.e. 1-land raider has armor value of 14-front, 14-side, 14-rear, for a total of 42 points.   So you could only field one of them.  A Dreadnought has a value of 12-Front + 12-side + 10 rear for a total value of 34, thus you could field multiples of that  unit.   

* Allies are permitted with the same unit point restrictions listed below:

  • 1-2 HQ : 200 points maximum, but this does NOT include "wings" if included in your war gear (monsterous creatures). Bonus HQ-type of units that are NOT warlords are subject to this 200 point restriction. (Such as Space Marine Honor Guard would have a 200 point limit as would Chaos Daemon at 200 points).  This does NOT include Dedicated transports.
  • 2+ Troops: No unit more than 300 total points. This does NOT include dedicated transports.
  • 0-2 Elites: No unit more than 300 total points. This does NOT include dedicated transports.
  • 0-2 Fast Attack: No unit more than 300 total points. This does NOT include dedicated transports.
  • 0-2 Heavy Support: No unit more than 300 total points. This does NOT include dedicated transports.
  • 0-1 Fortifications: ONLY Fortifications taken from the main rule book are permitted. NO Stronghold Assault. *** Sky shield Landing Pad will count as a Medium Building, Armor: 14***
0-1 Allied detachment: ALL Allied combinations are counted as Allies of Convenience.

  • * 1 HQ: 200 points max per unit
  • * 1+ Troops: 300 points max per unit.
  • * 0-1 each of Heavy, Fast Attack and Elites. 300 points maximum per unit.


Berks Spring Assault Unleashed: 2500:

BSA unleashed 2500 point anything goes tournament!

PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Players must provide all appropriate templates and dice for use of their armies.

Single and double force organization set ups allowed.

Forge World/Imperial Armor books are allowed (must use most current rules if you have questions about which book to use contact Darryl Hartman Jr privately at

All games workshop books magazines and data slates both printed and digital forms are allowed for the event, if using digital products you must have a printed copy of your rules with you.

Horus Heresy books are allowed. If using Horus Heresy rules for your army, the entire army MUST be made up of units from the Horus Heresy books Betrayal and Massacre.

Allies are legal.

Stronghold Assault is legal, you are allowed a maximum total of 600 points of fortifications.

Death from the skies flyers and fighter ace upgrades are legal, but no dog fighting.

Units that would be bought out of data slates and formations that would normally be considered scoring units (or troops) are considered scoring for the event.


You are allowed to spend up to 1000 points maximum on lords of war choices for your army from the games workshop, forge world, and BSA approved lords of war lists. All lords of war must use most current rules.  Even if you use an Apoc Formation that is permitted, it will also count as your Lord of War choice.

To those without access to superheavy models, if you chose to do so, you may use a single apocalypse formation from Warhammer 40k apocalypse, Damnos, Pandorax, or Damocles as a Lord of War choice. They must adhere to the following errata list and the maximum total 1000 points.

Players will only get Escalation bonus such as for Warlords and extra victory points if they do NOT have a Lord of War in their army.   Formations do count as Lords of War for this event.

The Horus Heresy lord of war point cap will not be used we will be using the BSA 1000 point cap instead. 

BSA-Unleashed 2500 Force Organization

* Single Force Organization:

  • 1-2 Hqs
  • 2-6 troops
  • 0-3 elite
  • 0-3 fast attack
  • 0-3 heavy support
  • 0-1 fortifications (600 max total)
  • 0-1 lords of war (1000pt max total)
BSA-Unleashed 2500 Double Force Organization Format:

  • 2-4 HQ
  • 4-12 troop
  • 0-6 elite
  • 0-6 fast attack
  • 0-6 heavy support
  • 0-2 fortifications (600 max total)
  • 0-2 lords of war (1000pt max total)  *** And MUST follow Allies Matrix

BSA-Unleashed Approved Additional Lords of War Choices:

Chaos space marines:

Plaguereaper of Nurgle WarZone Pandorax
Khorne Tower of Skulls WarZone Pandorax
Space Marine Fellblade Imperial Armor 2

Imperial Knights:

Obsidian Knight WarZone Damocles


(If you choose an Apocalypse data sheet to serve as a Lord of War choice)

Replace any mention of "strategic reserve" with "reserves"

Replace any mention of "strategic victory point" with "bonus victory point". You are allowed a maximum of 5 bonus victory points per game despite how many you actually accomplish

The psychic choir rules and the terrors of the warp table are in effect.

Armored Spear head rules for vehicle formations will be in effect.

The strategic asset rules will not be used.

The finest hour and Divine Intervention rules will not be used.

The Master of Disaster and Unnatural Disaster rules will not be used.

The High Command rules will not be used.

Individual formation Errata:

  • Helldrake Fear Squadron (chaos space marines):  Replace the harbingers of the apocalypse special rule with the following "The formation starts the game in reserve and may enter play on the first turn. They may move up to 48 inches and if they use their vector strike they may not vector strike the following turn but may fire as normal."
  • Lost and the Damned (chaos space marines):   Replace the limitless in number, boundless in spite special rule with the following "at the end of every game turn roll a d6 on a 4+ a single completely destroyed unit may be placed into ongoing reserves."
  • Eldar Farseer Council Formation (eldar):   The foreseen peril special rule only applies to the farseers in the eldar farseer council formation
  • Rapid Insertion Force (Tau Empire):   Reduce the range of locked coordinates from 18 inches to 12 inches.
  • Endless Swarm (Tyranids):   replace the without number special rule with the following "at the end of every game turn roll a d6 on a 4+ a single completely destroyed unit may be placed into ongoing reserves."
PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location:  Railyard Hobbies,  1000 Heritage Drive, Elverson, PA 19520

This is just off Rt. 23 and near the PA-turnpike, Morgantown Exit.

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