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Spring Brings Fun, Apocalypse, and Berks Spring Assault 8!

We wrapped up an amazing Berks Winter Blast tournament raising $1616.00 for the Four Diamonds Fund!    This money contributed with Penn State Berks benefiting THON and helped the commonwealth campus place 3rd in money raised compared with all the other commonwealth campuses of Penn State.    As a whole, this year THON raied over $10 million for the Four Diamonds Fund!

This brings us into Spring events for the club.    As players continue to have fun with Warhammer 40K and Star Wars X-wing still being our most popular games, others are delving into more Role Playing Games, and other table top games such as Infinity, Bolt Action, and Flames of War.

On March 18th, a Saturday, the Berks club will be hosting a birthday Apocalypse Bash for Ethan Biancone, son of the club President (Michael Biancone...and the author of this blog).   Ethan requested to host a battle similar to the Fall of Cadia as presented in the book of the same name.   We have some older donated terrain that should be suitable for a Cadian Gate.   We are planning a Themed battle with forces allied with the Imperium defending against Abbadon the Despoiler and his Black Crusade.  Ethan will take the mantle of General Ursar Creed of Cadia.

Details are available on our facebook page.   Players attending are asked to contribute $5 towards some fun prizes and also to play armies tied in with the theme, and also, if possible, have their armies painted, or at least something on them so they are not base, bald grey.

Of course, April 22nd brings our 8th Annual Berks Spring Assault!     We are very excited to host this event once again.    Due to a change in date and venue, we are only able to host the Warhammer 40K events this year.    Our original date had to be moved due to Free Comic Book Day, which affected some of our staff members and sponsors.     The new date forced us to abandon the original venue of the 4H-community center we used last year, but we are able to go back to Jonny & Hon's Smokehaus in Robesonia!

This venue was excellent for Winter Blast, and since we feature our events with catered food, their food is fantastic.   Our vegan players loved their options and of course, having a cash bar on hand with great staff made for a wonderful time.

Like all of our main Berks Events, this event is tied in to a fund raiser again.   We are supporting the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF), as we have  had many of our friends in the gaming field face Lymphoma cancer.  Some have survived, and some we have lost, and in their honor, we continue to support the LRF in hopes of a cure and while the battle rages on, we support our Cancer Warriors as best as we can.

Berks Spring Assault 8 will feature two simultaneous tournaments this year for Warhammer 40K.   The first is the BSA-Classic, a 1000-point tournament with restrictions.   This year we are having some fun with a modified highlander format that will allow you to use 2 sources to build your army.

For those looking for something bigger, we offer the BSA-Unleashed: 2500 points of pure 7th edition fun.   In this format, nothing is taboo.   All armies, codexes, Imperial Armor, Forge World, Horus Heresy,.....bring it all.  

Both events have a fee of $35 this year ($5 cheaper from last year due to a less expensive venue).   This includes lunch and dinner and of course the opportunity to win any of thousands of dollars of raffle prizes that we feature at our events.  

Space is limited to 72 total players on the venue.

Details to Berks Spring Assault are available for download here:   BSA-8 Rules.

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