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Code of Conduct

I understand that being a member of the Berks Gaming Club is completely voluntary and is a privilege not to be taken lightly. This privilege is not a "right" to anyone one individual or group and therefore does not entitle my opinion to be greater than or less than another person within the group, but is instead equal to all members in the group regardless of position in regards to the following titles "Founder, Elite Member, Standard Member, or Committee" members.

In order to remain a member of the Berks Gaming Club my membership should not be allowed to lapse and I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that it is paid for in a timely manner. I will retain all copies of receipts and membership information in the event that a question is raised regarding my individual membership.

To be a member of the Berks Gaming Club I understand that the following "Code of Conduct" is enforceable at all times as a representative of the Club and its members.

  1. All members are to be treated fairly regardless of race, color, creed, or sex. Members will show respect at all times towards fellow members and act as a positive mature role model when representing the Berks Gaming Club in all matters.
  2. Members shall encourage creative thought and never discourage another member’s idea without careful consideration of their actions.
  3. Above all else sportsmanship, fair play, and being honest will be every member’s attitude when at Berks Gaming Club functions or when representing the Club in outside activities.
  4. All members shall treat club terrain, tables, and property with respect and care to ensure that items are returned in the same condition they were loaned out. I understand the if I cause damage to any Club property I may be asked to replace it at my own expense.
  5. I understand the Berks Gaming Club is a group project and does not belong to any one person. Therefore I will seek the approval of the committee before using any logo pertaining to the Berks Gaming Club in personal endeavourers.
  6. Being a member of the Berks Gaming Club is to be a representative of a much larger community consisting of many other individuals. Therefore I agree to conduct myself as a positive role model for others to follow and to never act in a fashion to disgrace the Club or any individual members.
  7. While being a member I understand that my participating in Club events is not only appreciated but encouraged. Therefore I understand that gaming is a hobby for me and others therefore will make every attempt to follow through on commitments I make to the Berks Gaming Club and its members.
  8. Being a member of the Berks Gaming Club I will at times asked to take part in Fund Raisers to assist paying for such things as terrain, prizes, and tournaments. While I am not required to take part I will make every effort to assist in any way possible.
  9. All functions for the Berks Gaming Club will be held at rented facilities or a member’s home. Therefore, I will respect the property that any function is held at and in no way will hold the Berks Gaming Club liable for any damage I might cause while attending a Club function and take full responsibility for my actions.
  10. I understand that while being a member of the Berks Gaming Club decisions might be made that I do not personally agree with. I will respect the clubs wishes and will not in any way or fashion attempt to hamper any efforts of the Club's decisions.
  11. When playing in any tournament that is sponsored by Berks Gaming Club or any other venue, I will conduct myself in a manner that does not place the Club or any individual members in a negative light.
  12. While the Club is not associated with any "Brick and Mortar" store I understand that without them our hobbies would not be viable. Therefore I will not take part in any actions or behavior as to show those stores in a negative light.
  13. The Berks Gaming Club has members of all ages and therefore requires that I act as an example to those around me for growth and leadership. I will also encourage others to take part in learning the games that are played by the Club and never discourage any person from playing. I will mentor new players in a respectful fashion and never belittle them or there playing habits.
  14. At all times I will act in accordance and compliance of the Code of Conduct in matters pertaining to the Berks Gaming Club.
  15. I understand that all matters pertaining to Berks Gaming Club are left to the current committee, including but not limited to rentals, equipment, internet activity, forums, blogs, and Club matters. Therefore I relinquish any and all claims to the committee for the Berks Gaming Club and its Founders.

Since the Berks Gaming Club is open to persons of all ages I understand the person under the age of eighteen may be present at Club functions. I agree to act in a lawful fashion and never place myself, members, or attendees in any dangerous situations or act in a fashion that can be considered gross misconduct.

I understand that being a member of the Berks Gaming Club requires me to follow the above items listed in the Code of Conduct. If at any time I violate or disregard the above rules and codes of conduct I understand that I may be asked to leave any Club function, meeting, or event. All fees and dues that have been paid will not be returned and I will be asked to not have any further contact with matters pertaining to the Club.

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